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Course notes and background

Helpful stuff from past students

Previous CS 351 students created these helpful tools for their final projects in this course. However, neither they nor I are responsible for any errors you might find (please let me know about them, though!). Use at your own risk.

Exam file

The content and format of these exams may be different from the ones that are given this semester. Note that some semesters had 3 exams, while others had 4. Exam 1 used the MIPS ISA instead of LEGv8 until Fall 2016.

Contact the instructor if you have any questions about the content covered on this semester's exams.

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3 (for semesters with 4 exams)

Final Exam (Exam 3 or 4)

SSU campus resources

CS 351 students: Let me know if there's a helpful website that should be added to this list!