CS 351 Learning Objectives

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Note: this course's goals and objectives are based on the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)'s Computing Curricula 2013, mostly in the knowledge area of Architecture and Organization.

Learning objectives with a strikethrough have been omitted in Fall 2017 due to the fires.

Exam 1: Introduction; Metrics; Assembly language

Introduction (Sec. 1.1–1.5)

Metrics (Sec. 1.6–1.10)

Metrics: Processor-specific metrics

Metrics: Evaluation

Assembly (Ch. 2.1–2.9, 2.12–2.14)

Exam 2: Processor implementation (basic and pipelined); AMAT and locality

Basic Processor Implementation (Ch. 4.1–4.4)

Pipelined Processors (Ch. 4.5–4.9)

Exam 3: Memory hierarchy and virtual memory; I/O; parallelism

Caches (Ch. 5.1–5.4)

Virtual Memory (Ch. 5.6–5.8)

I/O and Reliability (Ch. 4.9, 5.2, 5.5, 5.11, online readings)

Parallel Hardware and Software (Ch. 4.10, 5.10, 6)