CS 385: Computing Professions, Fall 2017
Course Schedule

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Topic Pre-class Post-class
Week 1
Aug. 22
Course introduction n/a Group survey (due at end of class)
Week 2
Aug. 29
Internships: discussion Initial resume draft (focus on content) Discussion reflection - see Moodle
Week 3
Sep. 5
Resume peer critiques New resume draft (formatting) Summary of critiques
Week 4
Sep. 12
Interview process overview New resume draft Research on a tech company
Week 5
Sep. 19
Graduate school Research a graduate program Reflections on graduate program
Week 6
Sep. 26
Software engineering panel Read bios and submit a question Reflection about panel
Week 7
Oct. 3
Coding interview overview Coding interview research Reflection; group feedback
Weeks 8-10
Oct. 10, 17, 24
Coding interview practice n/a Critiques of self and peers
Week 11
Oct. 31
Nontechnical interview questions Description of your most impressive project Quick answers to common questions
Weeks 12, 13
Nov. 7, 14
Non-technical interview practice n/a Critiques of self and peers
Week 14
Nov. 21
Make-up: Technical presentations n/a Critiques
Week 15
Nov. 28
Ethical issues Reading questions TBD
Week 16
Dec. 5
Diversity and inclusion Reading question Feedback on class