CS 385: Multicore & Manycore Programming
Spring 2009 Course Schedule (tentative)

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1M 1/26Course overviewView from Berkeley, Sections 1, 2, 5, and 7.
W 1/28Parallel decomposition; hardware crash course(Optional) Text pp. 15-27No lab this week
2M 2/2Types of parallelism; synchronization
W 2/4Task parallelism; parallelizing matrix computationsLab 1 (revised)
3M 2/9Lab discussion; OpenMP intro(Optional) Text pp. 193-200
W 2/11OpenMP optionsLab 2
4M 2/16University holiday; no class
W 2/18Lab 3
5M 2/23Lab recap; Project 1; OpenMP wrap-upProj. 1 assigned
W 2/25OpenMP practice quizLab 4
6M 3/2TBB introduction
7M 3/9TBB parallel_for and parallel_reduce
W 3/11TBB concurrent containers and sortingProj. 1 due
Lab 6
8M 3/16TBB synchronization, parallel_while, parallel_scan
W 3/18TBB wrap-up (5:30-6:30 PM)Lab 7
9M 3/23TBB practice quiz and review
10M 3/30CUDA introProj. 2 assigned
W 4/1CUDALab 8
11M 4/6CUDA
W 4/8CUDALab 9
12Spring Break; no class 4/13-4/17
13M 4/20CUDAProj. 2 due
W 4/22Introduction to other modelsLab 10
Proj. 3 assigned
14M 4/27CUDA practice quizProj. 4 assigned
W 4/29CUDA QUIZLab 11
15M 5/4Other GPGPU modelsLab 12
W 5/6Functional programming for parallelismLab 13
16M 5/11Transactional memoryLab 14
Proj. 4 rough draft due
W 5/13ReviewProj. 3 due;
Proj. 4 due Fri.
17W 5/20FINAL EXAM, 5:00 PM-6:50 PM