CS 385 Lab 11, Spring 2009

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This is the last programming lab. Subsequent "labs" are based only on reading material and will be due at 1:00 PM on Monday 5/4, Wednesday 5/6, and Monday 5/11.

In this lab, you will modify your code from Lab 10 to optimize the reduction operation.


You should log into your cwolf account and then ssh to rickroll from cwolf. All your cwolf files are visible on rickroll. You may also do this assignment at home if you have a CUDA-capable graphics card; if you do, mention in your initial comment that you worked at home and note the model of your graphics card (e.g. NVidia GeForce 9800 GT).

To compile programs, type nvcc -o outputfile sourcefile.cu
If you run into problems other than syntax errors, the likely culprit is your environment variables. You may need to source your ~/.bash_profile again.


Your file should be called yourlastnameL11.cu and should contain the following:


In your initial comment, include the following time measurements (and list the value of N you used for them):

In addition, include an explanation of your optimization and the performance results you saw.

Submitting your file

Make sure that your file is correctly named and then copy it to ~srivoire/cs385/submit. Wait 2 minutes, and then check that it was correctly submitted by visiting http://rivoire.cs.sonoma.edu/cs385/lab11sub.txt.