CS 385: Multicore and Manycore Programming, Spring 2009

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InstructorDr. Suzanne Rivoire
Meeting time Lecture:MW 4:00-4:50, Darwin 30
Lab:W 5:00-6:50, Darwin 25
Textbook (optional)Lin and Snyder, Principles of Parallel Programming

Course Description

Lecture, 3 hours. From laptop and desktop processors like the Intel Core 2 Duo to specialized hardware like NVidia's graphics boards or the Playstation's Cell processor, today's processors require parallel programming to harness their full capabilities. Students in this class will learn about the challenges that these multicore and manycore processors present to programmers, and they will gain experience with multiple programming models. This cutting-edge experience will give students the skills to program future generations of general-purpose as well as graphics hardware.

Prerequisites: CS 215 and CS 252.